Frequently Asked Questions.

What is LOVE Golf Play?

LOVE Golf Play is the new easy way to purchase great green fee, membership and vacation specials from registered golf clubs throughout New Zealand.

Who can purchase golfing specials from LOVE Golf Play?

Any registered member of a New Zealand Golf Club, or any registered Casual Golfer with Golf New Zealand can purchase these offers. If you are currently not a registered member of a Golf Club or a registered Casual Golfer, the easiest thing to do is to sign up with Golf New Zealand as a casual golfer now. The process is free and quick, and not only will you be able to buy golfing specials you will also be able to return your scorecard after your round, view your score online and receive an average score indicator.

Who am I buying the green fee special or membership from?

Essentially you buy a voucher from Golf New Zealand who along with our technology partner, DotGolf, have provided the LOVE Golf Play platform for all the Golf Clubs in New Zealand. Every week Clubs are able to use this platform to offer registered Members and Casual Golfers fantastic offers. Golf New Zealand then passes on the money for the vouchers to the clubs on a weekly basis.

How does it all work?

At any time you can visit the site and purchase available golfing specials. As a registered Golf New Zealand member or casual golfer we will email your registered email address once a week outlining special offers (if available) at Golf Clubs in your region. You are also able to purchase vouchers from clubs elsewhere around the country. For example, if you are heading down to Queenstown for the weekend, but live in Auckland you are able to change the search parameters to look at the special offers in the Queenstown region.

What sort of green fee vouchers will be available?

This is really only limited to our Golf Clubs imagination. There will be lots of different types available from weekend specials to green fees with golf balls and to 2 for 1 deals. Every offer will have different terms and conditions so it will be important to read the small print, especially as all vouchers will have a date that they have to be redeemed by.

How do I purchase a Voucher?

At this stage all vouchers must be purchased using a credit or debit card.

What happens after I purchase a voucher?

After online payment is successful the voucher will be sent to your email inbox. Additionally it can be accessed when you log into the LOVE Golf Play site.

What if I delete my email and lose my voucher?

No problem – as mentioned above when you purchase a voucher you can access it when you log into the LOVE Golf Play site until you redeem it or it expires.

Is it safe?

Absolutely. Your credit card number is transmitted by SSL directly to a secure electronic vault. We also don't record your credit card details anywhere. The Payment Gateway is managed by Direct Payment Solutions.

Ok, I have my voucher now what do I do?

Great news, now that you have purchased a voucher you need to make contact with the golf club to arrange a time to play. Many vouchers will have specific times they have to be redeemed so ring them up, let them know you have a voucher and book that tee time in.

What happens if I book a game of golf at a club with a voucher, and cannot make it due to bad weather or some other circumstance?

This is between you and the golf club. We would always recommend you ring the club and communicate your reasons for any form of cancellation and agree to use it at a later date. Clubs are understanding with weather conditions - it happens all the time! Likewise if you have a different reason for cancellation, simply let the club know in advance.

Just remember - you have effectively booked a tee time (preventing someone else from using that tee time) therefore you are obliged to inform the club in advance if you cannot make it on the day.